Benefits & Rewards Services

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services provides more than 250 services to reward and motivate employees individually for each company or organization.

We presented in 35 countries, and the number of our affiliates is constantly growing, and on 2015 is more than 1,2 million, 425 thousand of clients, more 32 million of beneficiaries. In Russia we also offer our innovation services.

Employee Benefits

Recruitment and retention is essential for every organization. Our solutions will help to increase the efficiency of the staff. Employees will  appreciate to work in your company harder.

Incentive & Recognition

Every day your people represent your organization and contribute to its success. Therefore it’s essential that their motivation remains high. Our programs help you achieve this by giving you a tool to recognize and drive motivation every day.

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Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services


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Benefits & Rewards Services